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Atlantis World

    Atlantis World

    Atlantis World is a Web3 social metaverse


    May 2021






    We believe in an open metaverse that is lightweight and accessible to everybody. We’re connecting Web3 with social, gaming, and education

    current challenges

    We consider some of our main objectives to be:

    • Building a Web3 Social Metaverse
    • Combining Web3 with gaming, social aspects, and education in an easily accessible way
    • Building the foundation to onboard Web3 & non-crypto native users
    • Building partnerships with crypto-native projects & blockchains
    • Helping existing Web3 communities to engage with their members in Atlantis World


    It’s been a wild ride so far; that started when co-founder Rev met CJ during Gitcoin KERNEL Block 3.

    Initially working on two separate projects, a token-gated battle game and a DeFi-enabled sustainable metaverse, the pair joined forces and have been building Atlantis since May 2021, scaling the team to 12 full-time core contributors while entirely bootstrapped.

    Now joined by lead game developer Julio, game artists Ilayda & Eylul, senior game developer Austyn, blockchain developers Rachit & Carlo, front-end developer Chris and a handful of community contributors... Atlantis World has enjoyed exponential, fundamental growth. We’ve won several Hackathons along the way, with 2000+ active demo users, 6000+ early access sign-ups for our Alpha version (form back in Nov 2021), and 10,000+ community members.

    core team

    CJ Hetherington - Co-Founder, Product Lead

    Rev Miller - Co-Founder, Growth Lead

    Julio Alcantara - Lead Game Developer

    Ilayda Pınarbaşı - Lead Game Developer


    Some of the bonuses we offer:

    • Competitive USD salary (crypto-friendly)
    • Opportunity to become an equity partner (token or NFT allocation)
    • Fully remote + flexible contribution schedule
    • Flexible vacation policy
    • 4+ weeks of PTO
    • Performance bonuses
    • Twice a year team retreats all across the globe!
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