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    Aurora is an EVM scaling mechanism that helps operate apps on Ethereum-compatible platforms


    May 2021


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    Our goal is to create an interoperable future where the gaps between blockchains, developers, and users are bridged. 

    current challenges

    Aurora solves the current and future computational challenges of the Ethereum ecosystem while preserving the existing engineering investment in both smart contracts and front-end code.

    Our main challenge, for now, is horizontal scaling. Our end goal is to deliver this functionality to the Ethereum ecosystem by enabling sharding for Aurora.

    culture & values

    • Execute extreme ownership 
    • Strive for excellence 
    • Embrace authenticity 
    • Promote merit 
    • Get shit done 


    Aurora was launched on NEAR Protocol in May 2021, taking advantage of its many unique features, including sharding and developer gas fee remuneration. 

    Since launch, we integrated all the major infrastructure services required for convenient operations and expanded its ecosystem up to 100 applications. 

    With a strong belief in decentralization, we handed over the project to the hands of the Aurora DAO. Now 13 exceptional councils are daily building the Aurora project. Aurora DAO approved and decentrally launched the $AURORA token on three IDO platforms. 

    core team

    Alex Shevchenko - CEO

    Arto Bendiken - CTO

    Frank Braun - Head of Security

    Matt Henderson - Head of Product

    Ahmed Ali - Software Developer 


    Aurora labs are the right place to dive into the competing cross-chain ecosystem and work in an energetic environment surrounded by highly productive and meticulous engineers. 

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