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The Graph

    The Graph

    The Graph is a web3 protocol for indexing and querying blockchain data with GraphQL




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    The Graph’s mission is to make fullstack decentralized applications possible with an indexing protocol for querying blockchains. We want to make decentralization real and ubiquitous. 

    current challenges

    • Distributing grants and ecosystem funding to projects building on The Graph
    • Coordinating the technical governance process
    • Educating developers about GraphQL, subgraphs and building dApps on Web3
    • Participating in The Graph’s community building initiatives and onboarding network participants
    • Promoting the vision of open data and serverless decentralized applications
    • Further decentralizing governance of the protocol and resource allocation
    • Experimenting with quadratic funding mechanisms for grant distribution

    culture & values

    • Ideas Always Win

    The best ideas can come from anywhere. We have a collaborative culture where we discuss things openly and everyone has a voice. Areas of ownership ensure that each person understands how to participate and how decisions are made.

    • We Value Wellbeing

    We're building a world changing protocol but not at the expense of our health and wellbeing. At The Graph you can work from anywhere and still have time for family and friends. By valuing our people we hope to keep the team together and productive for years to come.

    • Learn at Lightspeed

    Great people optimize for learning and growth above all else. We’re working at the cutting edge of decentralization and no matter where you’re starting from, you will be learning everyday as we help push the industry forward.

    core team

    Eva Beylin - Director of the Graph Foundation

    David Lutterkort - Software Engineer

    Jackson Blazensky - Protocol Researcher

    Yaniv Tal - Project Lead

    Nevena Djaja - Product Lead

    Oliver Zerhusen - Ecosystem Manager

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