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    Toucan Protocol builds infrastructure for carbon markets to finance the climate crisis solutions.


    February 2020


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    Toucan exists to help us rapidly coordinate a response to our species’ greatest challenge. 

    current challenges

    Together, we face a complex challenge: to confront the climate crisis and make sure the Earth is just and safe for future generations. We are hopeful — we see that humanity is waking up to the task, and working to rise to it. We are learning how to work together on a global scale, and we believe that blockchains are key tools to helping us make a transition to sustainability.

    The Toucan community exists to support a planet-positive economy built on the open web. As web3 natives, we understand the power of consensus networks and smart contracts as tools to support human coordination on a global scale. It is our aim to build a regenerative financial system — one that nurtures the beauty of the Earth rather than exploiting it. That’s why we've joined together to help lead the way in discovering how the open internet can help humanity coordinate to take responsibility in our role as the Earth's stewards.


    The ideation for Toucan dates back to early 2020, when we hacked together CO2ken, a prototype climate action system for Ethereum. We went on to win the carbon footprint track in the Blockchain for Social Impact Incubator and then spent nine months at Deep Science Ventures. The Toucan core team also participated in KERNEL Block 3.

    After extensive development and iteration, Toucan launched in October 2021 as the infrastructure provider behind Base Carbon Tonne (BCT), our first carbon reference token. This was released with our launch partner, KlimaDAO, the first platform to build on Toucan’s Web3 carbon market technology. 

    In the first month of launch, BCT achieved $2B in trading volume — about double the voluntary carbon market’s volume for the entire year of 2021. Further, over 150,000 tokenized credits were retired via on-chain token burning in the two months following launch. 

    The journey from ideation to today has only been possible with the help of an incredible network of partners and contributors. To you all, we’re grateful. 

    core team

    Raphaël Haupt - Founder

    Marcel Jackisch - Head of Blockchain

    James Farrell - Chief Technology Officer

    Andreas Stanner - Product

    John Ellison - Head of Growth


    We are an inclusive community welcoming Toucans of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes. We want Toucan to be where we do the best work of our lives. We work flexibly and autonomously, trusting one another to deliver world class results.

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