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Perp Protocol

    Perp Protocol

    Perpetual Protocol futures DEX with deep liquidity and builder-ready composability


    April 2019


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    We aim to create novel financial instruments by democratizing Futures and other crypto-asset derivatives

    current challenges

    Our goal is to democratize powerful trading tools, and expand economic inclusion around the world.

    We witness how democratizing crypto-assets can create new opportunities like fundraising (ERC-20), tokenized investments (cToken), and so much more.

    Issuing futures used to be the job of centralized organizations with very high barriers to entry. But with Perpetual Protocol, we aim to lower the barrier of issuing futures by orders of magnitude.


    Perpetual Protocol was founded in 2019 by a small team of startup founders and software engineers. Called ""Strike"" in the early days, the project pivoted to perpetual futures and changed the name to Perpetual Protocol in summer of 2020.

    Perpetual Protocol's first mainnet version launched on the xDai network in December 2020. Version 2 of the protocol, dubbed Curie, launched on Optimism in November 2021.

    Founded in Taiwan, the core team now includes members from around the globe, and a thriving community making up the Perpetual DAO—the organization guiding the long-term direction of the project."

    core team

    Shao-Kang Lee - Co-Founder

    Yenwen Feng - Co-Founder

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