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offline conference by ➞ MetaCartel

MCON 2 is over

a conference for DAO purists



start date

06 Sep ‘22

end date

09 Sep ‘22


Denver, C.O., USA

about the event

Bringing together a limited number of attendees, MCON gives you an experience of valuable conversations, learnings and experimental growth all about DAOs.

Join the Meta Network as we head to DAOSchool, This year MCON takes over a boutique high school campus in downtown Denver "Evan School" on Acoma.

If you've only ever dreamed of drinking tequila in between classes we're here to make it a reality.

With 6 classrooms of experiences to choose from, a main hall seating only 200 people you'll be encouraged to choose your own adventure while attending different talks and discussions. Worst comes to worse you can always form a circle on the lawn.

agenda and speakers

day 1:

  • Opening Ceremony // pet3rpan (1kx, MetaCartel) & Yalor Mewn (MetaCartel)
  • P2E Governance: Why governance matters for self sovereign virtual economies // Flam Sanct (The Citadel Game) & Nemo (Daedalaus, Lobsterchat)
  • The Nouns DAO Experiment // Noun (Nouns DAO) & Callum Howard (FireEyes)
  • 2018 vs. 2023: Narratives in Play // James Young (CollabLand, MetaCartel) & pet3rpan (1kx, MetaCartel)
  • Kumbayah DAOs: How to Defend Your DAO Against Incompetence and Bureaucracy (Lessons Learned) // Rafa0 (Mirror DAO) & Kevin Owocki (Gitcoin)
  • Headless Bands: Web3 x Music. Where Experimentation on the Fringes is Going // Matthew (SongCamp) & David Hoffman (Bankless)
  • Do We Realy Need Another DAO Tooling Project? // Julia Rosenberg (Orca) & Dennison Bertram (Tally)

day 2:

  • Scaling the Service DAO Model // Adam (Code Arena) & Kolten (1kx)
  • The Last 2 Years of Investment DAOs: Where Next? // Victor Rortvedt (MCV, Hydra Ventures) & Katia (MCV, LAO, Red DAO, Noise DAO)
  • Navigating Governance Hell and How to Prevent Chaos: The Value of Distributed Governance // MonetSupply (Tally) & Frogmonke (Orca)
  • The Evolution of Gnosis DAO (Gnosis Safe, CowSwap, Gnosis Chain) // Stefan George (Gnosis DAO) & Andrew Thurman (Nansen)
  • Go Fork Yourself: Governance as a Social Graph? // David Phelps (Joke DAO, Cow Fund)
  • Community Manager Talent: Building Up Web3's Pipeline of Community Builders // Chase Chapman (Otherside Pod) & Matt Wright (Consensys, WGMI DAO, EVM Fund)
  • Broke DAOs: Spending Without Any Oversight. How DAOs in the Last 2 Years Have Spent Their Money Doing Absolutely Nothing // Shreyas (Llama) & Derek Hsu (Reverie)
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