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Business Development Officer
full-time by tr3butor

Business Development Officer

build relations and develop mutually beneficial partnerships with the biggest ecosystems, employers and communities in Web3



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role overview

Role Mission:

Build relations and develop mutually beneficial partnerships with the biggest ecosystems, employers and communities in Web3, leading tr3butor to becoming the #1 brand in Web3 recruitment.

  • You will participate in the company’s vision & strategy development, build out a bizdev department from the ground up, set up a team & processes to implement your strategy, and much more. 
  • You’re responsible for the organization’s success in B2B clients and partners acquisition. 
  • You will start with a huge pipeline of leads, consisting of the biggest names in the industry, and we expect you to even increase the amount and quality of opportunities for tr3butor.
  • You are excited to build an efficient leadgen, outreach and CRM system, everything from research and offer development to setting up the tools and hiring a team.
  • You will be the first “touchpoint” for potential clients and partners, working in cross-functional groups to make the best possible offer and be sure that value is delivered (and overdelivered!)
  • You will have access to all the best people, communities, and companies in Web3, having the chance to grow your network and reputation in the industry.


  • Oversee and support team efforts to secure, nurture and expand partnerships
  • Support strategic relationship management to ensure a strong connection with key partners
  • Design an executive business roadmap of potential business opportunities
  • Ensure partnerships bring meaningful and renewable revenue
  • Project strategy development and implementation
  • Publicly represent the company - public appearances, interviews, podcasts
  • Create bold and innovative revenue strategies to drive growth and maintain sustainability
  • Build long-term relationships with other communities and DAOs
  • Measure success. Analyze relevant KPIs, steer the effort, and evaluate your performance


  • Impeccable English skills (fluent or native)
  • Min. 1-3 years of experience working for start-ups and/or scale-ups as BDO/CBDO
  • Experience in building new business development teams, bonus points if you have an extensive network of professionals that may be good fits for your new team,
  • Deep conceptual understanding of the Web3 ecosystem (L1s-L2s, DeFi, NFTs)
  • Developed analytics & systems thinking, allowing you to view a situation in the broader business context, above and beyond the minute details
  • Resourcefulness - ability to bring creative solutions to every problem and never see a challenge as a dead end
  • Ability to motivate and lead others to desired results

Experience requirements:

  • 3+ years in business development in tech companies 
  • 3+ years of experience in blockchain & Web3 

Bonus Points:

  • Any university degree or a funny story about how you dropped out

culture & perks

Culture & Values:

  • We are brave enough to compete with the best
  • We are caring enough to go for the extra mile for each partner’s success
  • We value results over processes (but processes matter)
  • For us, working is playing a game.. in the finals of the Premier League
  • We stand for complete freedom from prejudice and stereotypes, with a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination


  • Access and affinities with the best Web3 organizations, communities, and talent
  • Ability to shape and influence the organization’s core direction and strategy
  • Ability to implement your vision and the best of your experience

Work Conditions:

  • Fully remote
  • Flexible schedule

Salary range and bonuses:

  • Competitive salary, equity options, and solid token bonuses

Holidays, Vacations, sick days:

  • Open policy, you take the time you need when you need it

about us

tr3butor aims to become the biggest professional network in Web3, consisting of an ecosystem of products that facilitate the education, onboarding, coordination, and cooperation of Web3 builders.

We start with creating a positive-sum solution to help Web3 organizations overcome their recruitment challenges, Web3 communities monetize their audience and talent to land the best-suited jobs at the most promising startups.

Today, contributors use tr3butor to find the best jobs, bounties, grants and hackathons from 80+ leading Web3 organizations and earn $ rewards for sharing these opportunities with their friends and followers. 

tr3butor is led by a team of Web3 pioneers and seasoned Web2 professionals with a diverse background, coupled with a shared mission and values. We are backed by the best Web3 founders, angels, organisations and VCs.

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