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Arweave Ecosystem Investment and Funding Program
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Arweave Ecosystem Investment and Funding Program

Get funding to build on the permaweb



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about the grant program

We regularly fund projects building on the Arweave network. Whether a decentralised application, an integration, or something else - if you are using Arweave to build it, we want to support you.

Looking for storage for your archives? Look no further. Museums, archives, historic sites, and online libraries can apply to the archival grants program to receive free storage and assistance from the Arweave team.

Open Web Foundry

The Open Web Foundry is a combination of incubator and accelerator programmes, specially tailored to support both brand new and experienced founders in building the new, decentralized web. The Foundry’s goal is to support the expansion of the permaweb ecosystem, helping founders and builders create, launch, and grow their profit sharing communities and permaweb apps.

Through the Foundry the Arweave core team invests in participating projects, primarily in exchange for projects’ profit sharing tokens, and also offers extensive support for founders as they fundraise from external backers. Previous Foundry alumni have raised over $10mil for their permaweb projects following their participation in the programme.

projects to apply

We back projects of all types and sizes – from open source apps, to DAOs, to traditional companies. If you have a good idea you want to pursue, we want to back you.

Here are some of the investment themes we are especially interested in:

  • Building information gold: Information is the new oil. As such, there is no better resource to back a currency with. Build apps and bots to help us fill the Arweave with permanent and verifiable records of all of humanity's valuable knowledge and history.
  • Arweave for businesses: Permanent and verifiable storage opens immense avenues for value creation in the business world. From verifiable legal contract storage, to data archiving solutions that set a new standard for data integrity, we want to invest in and help companies that build on the Arweave protocol.
  • An open source web: Once permaweb services are launched, their developers never have to pay for hosting them again. Users of permaweb apps can have confidence that the service will not degrade or change under their feet. This fundamentally changes the game for web service development, allowing us to collectively build an open source web. Read more here.
  • Preserving history: The Permaweb is designed to prevent the destruction of history. Once something is uploaded, it cannot be deleted, altered, or lost. Store valuable cultural and historical information on it to ensure that it remains available for future generations.

These are the Arweave founding team’s current expectations for how the ecosystem will develop in the short term, but we are always open to your ideas.

3 typical support cases:

  • Arweave investment - if you want to build a profitable app on Arweave
  • Arweave Boost - if you need a few storage credits to get started.
  • Arweave Grants - if you're building something valuable for the ecosystem and society but not really investable.
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