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Cosmos SDK Engineer [Go]
full-time by Celestia

Cosmos SDK Engineer [Go]

build the Celestia state machine and tools for Cosmos-SDK based rollups



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a month ago

role overview

Celestia Labs is seeking a remote full-time Cosmos-SDK Engineer to help build the Celestia state machine and tools for Cosmos-SDK based rollups.


  • You will work on Celestia’s state machine (celestia-app) as well as projects related to Cosmos-SDK based rollups such as ethermint built on top of optimint
  • Maintain celestia-app and related projects, e.g. by keeping them up to date with cosmos-sdk and tendermint releases
  • Contribute readable, well-tested, and well-documented code
  • Participate in technical discussions on issues and code reviews on pull requests
  • Be a part of the feedback loop between technical specification and implementation


  • You are an experienced blockchain engineer with 4+ years of experience in Go, Rust, C++, or other systems languages
  • Experience implementing Cosmos-SDK modules and applications
  • Experience with building maintainable and well documented codebases
  • Experience with open source software development tools like Github
  • You live within Eastern US and European time zones
  • Native proficiency in English
  • You’re excited about web3 and modular blockchains!

Nice to have:

  • Solid understanding of Tendermint or other consensus engines
  • Experience with libp2p, IPFS

culture & perks

  • Flexible and remote work environment
  • Employment benefits and 4 weeks annual vacation
  • A share of the initial token supply, in addition to a salary
  • Work at the forefront of blockchain scaling alongside an exceptional team of engineers

about us

Celestia is the first modular blockchain network. By decoupling consensus from execution, Celestia enables anyone to easily deploy their own blockchain, without the overhead of bootstrapping a new consensus network. Blockchains on Celestia are free from constraints, making them scalable, sovereign, and secure.

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