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The Contribution Proposal System
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The Contribution Proposal System

find the best interoperability solution building on the top of ICON



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about the grant program

ICON provides a diversified ecosystem for developers to build on top of, with the protocol’s main focus being on interoperability solutions. With innovative protocols in the DeFi and NFT space, teams have endless opportunities to provide value to our growing ecosystem.

Why build on ICON?

  • Strong Community
  • Cheap Transaction Fees
  • Fast Transactions

projects to apply

Check out the “Request for Proposal” (RFP) section of the dashboard for specific needs in the ICON community. Other than that, Proposals can be made for anything that stands to benefit either the ICON or ICE blockchains.

This could include:

  • Infrastructure
  • Dapps
  • Marketing
  • Hackathons

how to apply

1. Read through the “Start Here” guide

Read through the “Start Here” guide on the Console to familiarize yourself with the CPS and the application process in detail.

2. Log in/Create an account in the CPS Console.

Explore the CPS Console and all the current proposals/active projects being funded.

3. Submit your Grant Application

Using our standardized application form, provide the details for your desired project and find a P-Rep to sponsor your idea.

4. Evaluation by P-Reps

During the “Voting Period,” P-Reps will vote on your application and either “Approve” or “Deny” your concept. Improve your chances in this stage by answering questions and advocating for your idea.

5. Proposal decision

If your project is accepted during the "Voting Period," you will have 15 days (the length of the following application period) to submit a "Progress Report." Your Progress Report is voted on during the next "Voting Period," You will receive your first milestone of funds if accepted.

6. Build!

Congratulations! As said in the "Acceptance" stage, you can now build your project, and after submitting accepted progress reports, you will receive funding for your hard work. After you complete your project, it's time to submit a new idea and continue to grow the ICON ecosystem!

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