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Senior Smart Contract Developer
full-time by WOO Network

Senior Smart Contract Developer

architect complex technical solutions to improve smart contracts



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3 months ago


  • architecting complex technical solutions involving smart contracts based needs of the product team and users
  • analyzing business logic in addition to designing and implementing smart contracts
  • up to date with the latest trends and developments in the DeFi space and familiar with the codebase of common DeFi applications
  • full-stack technical work such as operation, maintenance, and upgrades of smart contracts
  • following up the development of open source technology, based on which blockchain smart contracts are built and optimized
  • participating in the overall structure design of the decentralized application platform and the optimization and improvement of security, performance, and incentive algorithms
  • daily operation and maintenance of decentralized applications to ensure the stable operation of the production system 24/7 hours
  • participating in security audits of external smart contracts that interact with WOO Network
  • working with DeFi engineering developers, technical lead, product team, BD, and Investment Analyst.


  • fluency in Mandarin and English
  • Asian timezone
  • solid in writing high-quality, well-tested Solidity (or Rust, Vyper)
  • experience in smart contract development, especially in complex decentralized exchange and yield product smart contracts on EVM chains
  • familiarity with the technical architecture of complex DeFi protocols and ability to design tech solutions to solve complex problems
  • capability of reading and understanding advanced open-source system code (Contributors who participated in open source code or open-source frameworks are preferred)
  • familiarity with blockchain encryption algorithms, consensus mechanisms, security protocols, distributed computing, smart contracts, as well as other underlying protocols and operating mechanisms
  • good communication, expression skills, teamwork spirit, and execution ability
  • good self-directed learning skills

culture & perks

WOO Network competes within a dynamic and complex industry with constantly evolving trends. Maintaining our edge requires a high level of engagement and passion. Producing impactful content requires critical thinking and organization, and team members must be able to operate autonomously in a results-driven environment. Communication skills will be tested as you face many micro-interactions with industry partners, thought-leaders, and community members. As a member of the security team, balancing controls between developing and security policies is a major task you will need to solve based on your experience and communication with internal teams before you make a decision. Our goal is to provide secure top-level service for customers.

about us

WOO Network was incubated by Kronos Research, connecting traders, exchanges, institutions, and DeFi platforms with democratized access to the best-in-class liquidity and trading execution at zero or low cost.

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