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Alchemy’s Developer Grant Program
grant by Alchemy

Alchemy’s Developer Grant Program

provide the tools and resources for relentless web3 product innovation


up to $50K

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3 months ago

about the grant program

Introducing WAGBI Grants (We're All Gonna Build It)! We're committing $25 million to help developers continue building DeFi protocols, NFT experiences, or any project that helps bring web3 to the world. Each project will be eligible to receive up to $50,000 in credits.

Unstable markets are a reminder to stay focused and do what we do best: provide the tools and resources for relentless web3 product innovation. Based on the number of developer teams building on Alchemy, and the engagement we see daily across communities like Web3 University and the Road to Web3, the long-term health of crypto — which is powered by developers — is healthier than ever. So let’s keep building.

who can apply

We launched the WAGBI Grants to encourage new builders to get into web3 and start building the next NFT marketplace, DeFi protocol, or anything else that will further the ecosystem. Given the macro market conditions, many would-be builders see the headlines and think, “I guess now’s not the time for me to get involved.” It’s this same group, the “would-be builders,” that we want to support.


  • create an Alchemy account and link credit card
  • be a company/DAO formed within the last 2 years
  • have $2.5m or less in total funds raised
  • have a live website and be willing to add the Alchemy Certified Infrastructure badge to the homepage 
  • commit to at least 1 co-marketing initiative annually with Alchemy
  • commit to a 1-yr contract with Alchemy

how to apply

Please apply using this form to be considered for the grant.

Applications that meet our eligibility requirements will be reviewed and considered. We expect to start notifying teams and rolling out the initial set of grants beginning in early July.

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