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Backend Engineer
full-time by HOPR

Backend Engineer

maintain HOPR protocol to protect everyone's privacy



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4 months ago


  • designing, implementing and maintenance the protocol and server implementation of HOPR
  • working on p2p communication protocols, data storage, HTTP and Websocket API design, distributed hash tables and more
  • Container Runtimes (Docker, docker-compose, Docker Registry)
  • Operating Systems (Linux)
  • Development (Rust, Typescript, NPM, Yarn)
  • Libraries (libp2p-js, ExpressJS)
  • Protocols (TCP, UDP, HTTP, Websocket, WebRTC)
  • Data Storage (LevelDB)


  • minimum of five years of experience
  • experience of work with Rust, Typescript, NPM, Yarn
  • experience of work with libraries (libp2p-js, ExpressJS)
  • you are a nice, open-minded, communicative, and creative team player

culture & perks

At HOPR Association we are working on a challenging and foundational infrastructure component of the web3: a decentralized and incentivized mix network that allows any two parties to exchange data without third parties knowing that they are communicating and without leaking any other metadata. 

This is what we offer you:

  • A young, dynamic + international team to work with
  • Flat hierarchies with space for you + your ideas
  • An encouraging atmosphere for clever minds
  • A fast-paced working environment in a Swiss association
  • A competitive salary + benefits like token allocation
  • Office in the heart of Zurich 


Zurich / Singapore / remote

about us

HOPR is a Zurich-based association working at the forefront of privacy.

Our product, the HOPR protocol, is a decentralized mixnet that incentivizes data relaying, giving users full data and metadata privacy.

We are building public infrastructure for web3 is a free and open-source environment. We believe this world can become a better place if we work and grow together.

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