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Curriculum Developer
full-time by Reach

Curriculum Developer

help our subscribers and staff successfully use and adopt Reach’s software



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role overview

The Curriculum Developer is responsible for designing and developing learning content that helps our subscribers and staff successfully use and adopt Reach’s software. You will quickly master highly advanced technical subjects, design learning objectives, and develop technical materials. You will have the opportunity to learn and play with new technologies as you develop technical e-Learning courses, instructor-led courses, and hands-on labs for staff and subscribers.


  • maintenance, evaluation, and support of multi-modular programming
  • demonstrated experience as a learning designer or curriculum developer, or equivalent experience designing, developing, and producing curriculum content
  • identifying areas for improvement and assistance in the design, development, and delivery of new course content or learning features that meet the needs of our customers
  • help in prioritizing program milestones, identifying and management of cross functional inter dependencies
  • packaging the labs and content into short, outcome-oriented training modules
  • collaboration with subject matter experts and managers to determine learning objectives, performance outcomes, and evaluative strategies, and turn those requirements into a roadmap with clearly scoped courses that have well defined learning paths


  • minimum of three years of experience in Curriculum Development
  • strong background in databases and SQL
  • programming or application development experience in a current language such as C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, etc
  • ability to work cross-functionally amongst engineering, product, and development teams
  • proven experience building and teaching technical training content
  • strong written/verbal communication skills with the ability to convey information at all levels of the organization
  • startup experience is preferred

culture & perks

  • employee stock-options
  • flexible work schedule
  • paid time off
  • health and dental insurance
  • competitive salary

about us

Reach Labs is a division within Reach focused on building ready-to commercialize applications direct to consumer, leveraging the safety and security features of the Reach technology. We are building out our use-cases for Reach and have launched three companies through Reach Labs: Humble DeFi, Alloy (an NFT gaming platform), and Monarch ( a DAO launchpad that leverages functional NFTs for on-chain voting).

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