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DAO Cartographer/Organizer
full-time by DAOHQ

DAO Cartographer/Organizer

grow a vibrant, fun, supportive, and inclusive DAOHQ community



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4 months ago

role overview

If you love talking and engaging people, storytelling, and meme-ing - then this position is for you! Community Leads will help us grow a vibrant, fun, supportive, and inclusive DAOHQ community. 


  • facilitating Discord and Space discussions
  • communication with external users and DAO-enthusiasts
  • standardization of quantitative and qualitative feedback and communicate it back to our design & engineering teams
  • creation of engaging Twitter discussions (and memes!) that are research-backed
  • organizing ad hoc events like the ConstitutionalDAO convention and DAOHQ hackcelerator


  • strong interpersonal and communications (written and verbal), and copywriting skills
  • experience of work on organizing multiple events with hundreds of participants
  • ability to work with cross-functional teams
  • solid understanding of project management principles
  • experience of moderating on Discord
  • you are a part of multiple DAOs

culture & perks

  • Help shape DAOHQ’s branding and customer relationships
  • Work with an early, dedicated startup team
  • Explore and learn about the future of cryptocurrencies, DAOs, and NFTs all in the comfort of your home

about us

At DAOHQ we are building a marketplace for DAOs, enabling people to own products and communities together. DAOHQ is a hub where anyone can find, fund, and found DAOs. We’re also working on tools for developers, investors, and organizers in the crypto space and creating an ecosystem of DAOs and their contributors.

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