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Tokenomics Proposal for Swapr
bounty by DXdao

Tokenomics Proposal for Swapr

help Swapr community to develop tokenomics proposal



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4 months ago


Swapr is a multi-chain AMM with more than $200m annualized volume since its launch in 2020. The SWPR governance token was launched in September of last year in the first air drop on Arbitrum.

problem to solve

After an initial farming and distribution period, the community is discussing a new tokenomics plan, but have yet to finalize any specifics yet. This bounty is intended to crowdsource ideas on what this model could look like.


acceptance criteria

Winning entries must be a 2-3 page tokenomics proposal that incorporates three key components:

  • veCRV-style, where tokens are locked up for an extended time Governance
  • can determine where the protocol fee goes
  • can operate seamlessly on multiple chains

Judging will be based upon:

  • level of detail and specifics on tokenomics structure
  • how much the plan incorporates Swapr’s existing structure Feasibility of implementation.
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