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Assembly Bounty

help to integrate Perp V2 into the Instadapp


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5 months ago


Perpetual protocol is a decentralized perpetual exchange currently on xDai for our v1 and will later be deployed onto Arbitrum for our v2. Perpetual Protocol has done over $26B in volume to date and has the ability to trade up to 10x leverage on over 18 perpetual products including BTC/ETH and many DeFi majors.

problem to solve

Create a bounty proposal for a developer snowball to integrate Perpetual Protocol v2’s trading functionalities and staking functionalities into Assembly. Perpetual Protocol will integrate its Arbitrum contracts into the Instadapp Smart Layer.

acceptance criteria

Bounty paid out in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 - Building out the connectors and resolvers for all relevant contracts.

Added to the private repo to build connectors for all relevant contracts

  • Phase 2 - Submission of Connectors and Resolvers to Governance

Submit Connectors and Resolvers to Governance

  • Phase 3 - Creating and connecting Assembly to connector/resolver contracts.

Creating and deploying Assembly page for Perpetual Protocol

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