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Radicle Grants
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Radicle Grants

help grow the Radicle product and the greater FOSS and Web3 community at large



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projects to apply

We are open to any applications, whether you are applying to tackle an RFP we've provided or you're applying with some ideas of your own. In general, though, the focus is on technical projects, such as additions to core Radicle software or components of Web3 infrastructure that interact with Radicle.

We see project ideas coming from 2 main sources:

  • Requests For Proposals (RFPs) will be clearly outlined projects that we would like to see implemented. We accept applications to tackle RFPs from multiple individuals and teams. This means you may be in competition for a grant. Where it makes sense, we may also award one grant across multiple teams.
  • Open Applications. These will follow the same format as our internal RFPs. If you have an idea for an RFP that you don't see, by all means send in an application. More on this in the process section.

Lastly, all work must adhere to the following criteria:

  • All code produced during your grant must be open-sourced with proper licensing (Apache 2.0, GPLv3, MIT or Unlicense).
  • All code must not rely on closed-sourced software or infrastructure to be fully functioning.

We will not fund projects that support any illicit activity (gambling, money laundering, etc.).

who can apply

You have strong and relevant experience. We're looking for pros who have a proven track record in whatever language, frameworks, and tooling are needed to get a project past the finish line.

how to apply

As noted, we expect applications to be based on existing RFPs or an open application.

The entire process includes these 3 steps:

1. Application & Review

2. Milestone Delivery & Milestone Evaluation

3. Payment

about the grant:

The Radicle Grants Program offers different grant levels to help you best depending on your current stage.

If you have a question about which level to apply to, please reach out on the Grant's #general category on Discord.

  • Seed Grants (Level 1)

Seed grants are meant for smaller projects, both in terms of complexity and cost.

Target: Individuals & small teams

Amount: less than $50,000 

  • Tree Grants (Level 2)

Seed grants are meant for larger projects in terms of scope, complexity, and time to completion.

Target: teams, companies, or foundations with a proven record

Amount: more than $50,000 (up to $500,000)

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