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Push Grant Program

bring new ideas and projects to grow the ecosystem


up to $1,000,000

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6 months ago

projects to apply

To be considered for a grant, a project needs to be open source, positively impact Push and not be involved in a for-profit work.

This is an ongoing list of ideas we think would be cool to get proposals for and is open to suggestions!

  • General Ideas
  • Push Browser Extension
  • Mobile App
  • Dapp

Any idea to improve or develop (anything within the Push) can be considered and approved. There are no fixed criteria, which is great because there are no limits to your imagination. If you have an idea, submit it.

who can apply

The grants are open for beginners and experienced people. Whatever your level of familiarity with development, we'll start the conversation in order to try to help and find ways to grow your contribution over time. 

Who can apply for grants (not limited to):

  • Developers
  • Independent teams

how to apply

You can find guidline for the application via the link

Our goal is to respond with first contact within 3 working days. We'll interact with you through the thread on the forum post where you've submitted your proposal. Keep an eye out on your email's mailbox, by default you should receive emails on threads that you're on (and don't turn that off!)

about the grant program

We aim to bring more developers and teams to grow the Push ecosystem even faster. If you have a good understanding of the platform and ecosystem, understand the mechanisms, and want to bring something of your own, you are free to apply.

The Grants Program will be funded from the 53% of $PUSH supply is for community allocation. The exact amount of $PUSH tokens allocated for the Grants will be voted by the community. The program will have initially a small scope, funding target bounties. Overtime, if the program proves effective, the grant allocation can grow in scope.

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