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Engineering Manager, Developer Tools
full-time by NEAR

Engineering Manager, Developer Tools

maintain and expand Rust libraries and frameworks



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6 months ago

what we expect

We are looking for a talented, meticulous, and productive person who loves working in an energetic and free-thinking environment, feels comfortable challenging opinions, and most importantly who shares with us the same desire to make the web free again.

role overview

This position requires communication with a large number of leaders of other NEAR teams, including engineering, product, developer relations, marketing, developer community, etc.


  • Working with internal engineers at NEAR and external contributors on improving the developer experience for the applications built on NEAR
  • Manage the sprint-by-sprint operations, goals and deliverables for the platform tools team
  • Build a great team ensuring every role/hire reflects its goals
  • Leading by example, by participating in engineering discussion and implementations of the libraries and frameworks


  • Knowledge of C, C++, Rust, or Swift 
  • Experience or ability to reason about APIs, interfaces, and frameworks; as well as, game-theoretic, adversarial, economics angles
  • Familiarity with agile/scrum methodologies and the ability to adapt those principles to build a bespoke development process
  • Focus on improving developer and user experience 
  • You should be a great communicator and remain calm under pressure or when juggling multiple priorities 
  • You should be a humble and inspirational leader who is comfortable leading by example 
  • While you should have a zeal for technical excellence, you should be very comfortable with balancing degrees of risk and business needs

specific knowledge

  • Deep technical skills. Extensive knowledge of blockchain ecosystem, its development tools, and practices
  • Experience building full-stack traditional web applications in addition to Web3 blockchain applications 


Anywhere in the world

about us

NEAR Protocol is a developer-first blockchain that emphasizes convenience and speed of development on the NEAR platform while minimizing the entrance barrier for developers coming from the blockchain ecosystem, as well as regular web and mobile development space. 

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