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    Arweave protocol is the first truly permanent information storage network, backed by a sustainable endowment.




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    mission & key concepts

    Arweave enables users to store documents and applications forever: permanently, sustainably, with a single upfront fee.

    The protocol matches people who have hard drive space to spare with those individuals and organizations that need to store data or host content permanently. This is similar to how Uber connects drivers with people who need transport. This is achieved in a decentralized network, like Bitcoin, and all data stored is backed by a sustainable endowment ensuring it is available in perpetuity.

    On top of the core Arweave protocol lives the permaweb: A global, permanent web of pages and applications that live forever.

    Arweave is a completely community-owned and operated open source network. The Arweave community has built a complete suite of tools and services that allow you to launch completely decentralized applications that live on top of this permaweb.

    current challenges

    • Implementing a few features that bring our app much close to being finished and having a viable, self contained, featureset.
    • Support projects and companies that are building inside the Arweave ecosystem.
    • Increase the utility of the Arweave network.
    • Develop a sustainable business model that enables us to empower Arweave community members to grow the new, decentralised web.

    Here are some of the themes we are especially interested in:

    • Building information gold: Information is the new oil.
    • Arweave for businesses: Permanent and verifiable storage opens immense avenues for value creation in the business world.
    • An open source web: users of permaweb apps need to have confidence that the service will not degrade or change under their feet.
    • Prevent the destruction of history.
    • Increase the awareness and adoption of Arweave among the communities and users.


    In April 2018, Arweave graduated from the mentorship-driven startup acceleration program at Techstars Berlin. After raising $8.7 million through token sales, Arweave launched its mainnet in June 2018. In January 2019, we launched the permaweb, a permanent serverless web built on top of the Arweave. This is the web you can own and run.

    Total Funding Amount at the moment: $22M

    core team

    • Sam Williams, William Jones - Founders
    • Sebastian Campos Groth - COO
    • Viktor Diordiiev - Arweave Head of Economics & Strategic Relations
    • Kyle Beckles - Head of Product
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