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    SwissBorg is a blockchain-based secure wealth management platform for cryptocurrency investments.







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    We are a community of visionaries dedicated to democratising wealth management by making it fun, fair, and community-centric. 

    culture & values

    • Purpose, not just profit

    The best investments are ones that also help make the world a better place

    • Impartial inclusivity

    Every member of our tribe is encouraged to speak up and share their ideas

    • Empowering not controlling

    We enable independent decision-making to bring out the best ideas and solutions

    • Experimentation and innovation

    Build, Test, Deploy, Repeat

    • Full transparency

    We always communicate openly and honestly with our community

    • Meritocracy over inequality

    We work hard to build a better future for our tribe and reward our contributors fairly


    The SwissBorg project was founded in 2017. Cyrus Faizel, CEO & Co-founder of SwissBorg, expressed the vision: "From day one, it has been SwissBorg’s objective to build a community-centric financial ecosystem that enables anyone, anywhere, to be in control of their wealth. The launch of our Wealth App delivers perfectly on our mission, and we look forward to bringing financial freedom to many".

    The team successfully raised $50m from its ICO in January 2018 and, after a year of building and developing, launched the SwissBorg Community App in March 2019. Eventually, its flagship product: the SwissBorg Wealth App, in January 2020, gives first and foremost its users the ability to trade cryptocurrencies and, later on, the possibility to earn a yield on deposit coins.

    The platform is essentially a crypto wallet and exchange, enabling the trading of listed cryptocurrencies. The trading platform offers a seamless experience to retail users, with curated and easy-to-use trading tools, portfolio analytics, a tax tracker, and ways for the community to interact using the Community App (turned into the Challenge App)

    Since Q4 2020, Swissborg has become a savings platform, providing interest-bearing accounts on USDC and CHSB with its "Smart Yield" feature. In the future, the team plans to increase the number of available interest-bearing underlying assets on the platform, starting with BTC, ETH, BNB, and DAI. 

    core team

    Cyrus Fazel - Founder, CEO

    Anthony Lesoismier - Founder, CSO

    Nicolas Rémond - Chief Technology Officer

    Jeremy Baumann - Chief Financial Officer

    Christophe Diserens - Chief Compliance Officer

    Alexander Fazel - Chief Partnership Officer

    Bastien Muster - Chief Analytics Officer

    Jacqui Pretty - Chief Marketing Officer

    Alexander Petoud - Chief of Staff


    • Training allowance
    • Employee premium account
    • CHSB bonus
    • Annual team retreat
    • Min. 25 days of holiday
    • Flexible working options 
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