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    Navcoin is a cryptocurrency exchange without compromising your privacy.








    Navcoin´s mission is to provide people with the tools they need to protect their financial privacy and do so free of charge. To enable individuals to achieve this, we provide an ecosystem of solutions within our blockchain protocol and technology that support our key pillars: private payments, decentralized and autonomous platforms, eco-friendliness and interoperability, and DeFi.

    current challenges

    To achieve our mission and enable individuals to protect their financial privacy, we are looking for talented and motivated profiles that can support and contribute to our projects and the community.

    Our key pillars are private payments, decentralized and autonomous platforms, eco-friendliness and interoperability, and DeFi, so we need to find profiles that match our mission and critical pillars.

    These are C++ Developers with experience and knowledge in the bitcoin core protocol, React Native Developers skilled in crypto wallets, Technical Writers, and Blockchain Testers.

    culture & values

    • We are and are looking for crypto-anarchists who are very passionate and motivated to fulfill our mission and directly impact our global users' financial freedom.
    • We work on cutting-edge privacy technology on our open-source blockchain project.
    • We listen, and everyone contributing to the project and community has a voice on the project direction; feedback and improvements are always welcome and open to discussion. 
    • We are individuals that love working independently but also support each other whenever needed; there is a flexible work environment and full remote working policy."


    Navcoin, launched in 2014, is an open-sourced digital currency offering fast and reliable payments with innovative technological and privacy features. Navcoin´s network supports public and private transactions, earning rewards through staking (for network validation) or mixing coins (for privacy enhancement), and having a voting mechanism for project proposals.

    Unique to Navcoin's cryptosystem is that public NAV coins can be converted 1:1 to XNA, the revolutionary privacy coin that guarantees untraceable transactions. Additionally, Navcoin has launched wNAV, a wrapped representation of NAV that can be used for cross-chain interoperability with other blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum.

    The project operates as a fully Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) without a central decision-making authority (unlike most other projects). Anyone can participate by simply staking NAV in their wallet, thereby obtaining a say in protocol governance and a vote on proposals from within the community.

    Navcoin is on the path to becoming a high utility platform, extending the privacy features beyond the protocol itself and allowing privacy for other non-private blockchains (cross-chain interoperability). Upcoming utility features include the support of private NFTs and private tokens within the network and the dotNAV service, which enables users to buy a .nav domain to use for any online service.

    core team

    Navcoin is a community project, so no company, inventors, or legal entity is behind it. As part of what can be the core team, there are two Project Managers and one Developer contributing to the project since 2016. The core team also has additional developers and two team members taking care of marketing and community engagement activities.


    Working at Navcoin means:

    • Work in cutting-edge privacy technology on our open-source blockchain project
    • Have a voice on the project direction; feedback and improvements are always welcome and open to discussion
    • Flexible work environment: you will work very autonomously
    • Full remote working policy - we encourage you to create the work environment that you thrive in
    • Have a direct impact on the financial freedom of our global users
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