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    Polygon is a decentralised Ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable user-friendly dApps.




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    Polygon believes in Web3 for all. We aim to bring the world to Ethereum. 

    current challenges

    • Represent the Polygon ecosystem 
    • Progressively decentralize its functions
    • Build a neutral party to support the growth of the ecosystem
    • Delegate and decentralize the functions of the Polygon’s internal teams, allowing Polygon to scale
    • Evangelize developers and communities
    • Support DAO open-source initiatives

    culture & values

    • That's how we roll

    Polygon is a team of diverse, passionate (and super smart) contributors around the globe. We break away from conventional setups to shape the future. We’re not fond of needless hierarchy. We value ideas and execution over anything else. Everyone who wants to build a decentralized future is welcome!

    • A fair web.

    While the internet has enabled better connectivity, a centralized web has also raised copyright, trust, privacy, and security issues. Polygon wants you to break free and thrive in a world where you own your data and privacy.


    Polygon launched as Matic Network in 2017. It was co-founded by Jaynti Kanani, Sandeep Nailwal, and Anurag Arjun to tackle blockchain scaling and usability issues. 

    In 2017, Plasma was at the forefront of blockchain scaling, and Matic featured a plasma-driven scaling approach and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) sidechains to assist Ethereum as user demand for the network grew. Over time, Matic POS became a prominent scaling option for various applications.

    Matic rebranded to Polygon in February 2021 to become a Swiss Army knife for scaling solutions. Polygon plans to add support for rollups and Validium to its already-existing Plasma/POS chain. The project recognizes that Ethereum may not scale from a single solution in isolation. There's a possibility that several solutions will co-exist and help scale Ethereum collectively. Polygon aims to play a central role in supplying the infrastructure necessary to launch any of these systems.

    core team

    Jaynti Kanani - Co-Founder

    Sandeep Nailwal - Co-Founder

    Anurag Arjun - Co-Founder

    Mihailo Bjelic - Co-Founder

    David Schwartz - Co-Founder, Polygon ID & Polygon Hermez

    Jordi Baylina - Co-Founder, Polygon ID & Polygon Hermez

    Antoni Martin - Co-Founder, Polygon ID & Polygon Hermez

    Brendan Farmer - Co-Founder, Polygon Zero

    Daniel Lubarov - Co-Founder, Polygon Zero

    Bobbin Threadbare - Co-Founder, Polygon Miden


    Work with the Best in the Game

    • Onwards and upwards

    Be part of a fast-expanding team and grow with us.

    • Peers perfect

    Join a fantastic community and work with the best in the game.

    • Together we fly

    We have got your back, always. Let’s work together, grow together.

    • Write your future

    With us, you will script your story in the epic Web3 revolution.

    • Your search ends here

    Join the most talented and diverse set of people across the globe.

    • The Stage is Yours

    The only thing we’re missing here is you!

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