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    The Lens Protocol is a permissionless, composable, and decentralized social graph that makes building a Web3 social platform easy


    February 2022


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    We aim to let creators take ownership of their content wherever they go in the digital garden of the decentralized internet.

    current challenges

    Our digital identities have become inseparable from how we define ourselves.

    Social media has allowed us to find our communities and discover authentic self-expression. It holds the promise of connection, freedom, livelihood, and voice. We spend time building unique selfhood across platforms, but we know they are antiquated centralized systems.

    We seek to solve major issues in existing social media networks. Namely, Web2 networks all read from their unique, centralized database. There is no portability. Your profile, friends, and content are locked to a specific network and owned by the network operator. This causes each network to fight a zero-sum game for your attention.

    culture & values

    It's time to own our digital roots. 

    • We believe it’s time to see social media through a new lens.
    • We believe in social media that is composable and extensible.
    • We believe that we should be able to control and monetize our content.
    • We believe in social media, where we are not a metric for sale.
    • We believe that we should own and control our digital identities.


    Lens protocol was introduced to the public in February 2022 by the core team of Aave.

    Aave, the team behind the decentralized finance lending protocol, has dedicated significant resources to the social media project since the beginning of 2021. 

    Originally pitched as a way to create a kind of Twitter-on-Ethereum, the project now known as Lens has since grown in scope to support a range of social media platforms on a shared protocol layer. Per the announcement thread, non-fungible tokens lie at the heart of Lens: "Profile NFTs are the central primitive of the Lens Protocol. According to the project's official Twitter account, Lens is live on the Polygon Mumbai testnet, with plans for an alpha mainnet launch at a yet-to-be-disclosed time. 

    core team

    Stani Kulechov - Founder

    Davide Silverman - Product Manager


    Some of the benefits we offer:

    • 25 days paid holiday
    • Private dental care
    • Private healthcare
    • Front seat into position on working with decentralized financial technologies
    • Guaranteed innovation-driven work environment
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