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    DAOHQ is the first marketplace for decentralized autonomous organizations.


    February 2022


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    Our mission is to facilitate mass adoption of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and so our researchers are plugged in to the DAO ecosystem.

    current challenges

    We believe that DAOs are joint-stock companies on chain & represent the future of work and investment. However, DAOs are currently scattered across social media, small decentralized exchanges, and manage voting on an array of crypto-native tools.

    We're aim to go into a world where almost everyone is an owner, investor, and team member simultaneously. People will find DAO work opportunities that align with their passions & level of time commitment. Anyone can invest in a project, join an investment DAO, or back a social enterprise with as little as $1. People will work at 1-3 DAOs for income & invest in 10+ out of personal interest.

    culture & values

    • We value integrity. With our trust, all of our meetings and notes are open.
    • We love sharing. We have free snacks, office space (obviously), hackathons, offsites, happy hours, and tool sharing. We have our own library!
    • We work hard, so we let you work in the way you work best. We have flexible hours, work from home, and practically unlimited vacation.


    DAOHQ was founded in February 2022 by Emmet Halm and Lucas Chu.

    In April 2022 the team raised $1.3M from Mark Cuban, Soma Capital, Stealth Capital, GSR, Andres Bilbao, BitDAO (Mirana) Ventures’ Jon Allen and Mavis Xu, Gitcoin’s Scott Moore, and other angel friends.

    core team

    Emmet Halm - Co-Founder

    Lucas Chu - Co-Founder

    Kenneth Zhang - Lead Machine Learning Engineer

    Yash Gadhade - Operations Manager


    • Home Office

    We all need that place to focus and do our best work. To help with this, we offer a $2000 reimbursement for your home office setup. Get that standing desk, upgrade to high-speed internet connection, potted plants, those noise-canceling headphones, or whatever else keeps you at your best.

    • Books and Exercise

    We offer a $50 monthly reimbursement for educational and exercise costs. We also cover things we can enjoy together, like Netflix, Spotify, or Grubhub.

    • Team Bonding

    Stay connected with your friends and colleagues. We organize periodic group meals and team outings to stay connected. Miami is first!

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