Genesis NFT launched!

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    Conductive is building Web3 tools for user acquisition, marketing automation and token utility




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    Are you a Web3 builder?
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    Conductive’s mission is to build these common primitives and be the cornerstone for Web3 businesses. We aspire to be the indispensable Web3 toolset for marketing, analytics, payments, and more.

    current challenges

    We want top talents to join us. 

    culture & values

    • We’re a team of product, engineering, design, finance, and game design hackers from all over the globe.
    • We share the same vision of ushering web3 into the world at break-neck speed with an eye for detail.
    • We love to have fun, get shit done, and above all, want to turn the sci-fi world of decentralized computing into a reality.
    • We value performance, tenacity, quality, and long term thinking. 


    Founded in 2021. We are humbled to be backed by great investors like Animoca and Kraken Ventures, as well as anchor partners like Quidd and ThirdVerse, as we share a common vision for the ambitious opportunity ahead.

    core team

    Steve Ip - CEO

    Paul Pierre - CTO

    Spencer Yip - CPO

    Xan Ditkoff - CSO

    Eusden Shing - COO


    • competitive compensation
    • UPT
    • equity
    • chance of working with top-tier projects
    similar DAO

    scale up your hiring and grants distribution, access tr3butor talent pool and reward the community for talent referrals