Genesis NFT launched!

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    The world’s first and largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


    December 2017


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    We're building tools that allow consumers to trade their items freely, creators to launch new digital works, and developers to build rich, integrated marketplaces for their digital items.

    current challenges

    At OpenSea, 2022 will be about building across four core priorities: 

    1. accelerating product development to ensure we’re meeting the needs of our growing community, 
    2. expanding our trust, safety, and reliability efforts, 
    3. meaningfully investing in the NFT and web3 ecosystem
    4. significantly growing our team.

    culture & values

    Our values are at the core of our efforts to build the best platform for our users:

    • Cultivate continuous growth 

    We’re always striving to develop, improve, and grow as a company, as a team, and as individuals. We’re constantly iterating, fixing, building, and learning to polish and refine all of our edges.

    • Prioritize genuine empathy

    As we are navigating a nascent market, what really helps us find solid footing is putting our users' needs first. By focusing on the user and listening to their feedback, suggestions, and frustrations, we’ll build a platform that solves real problems for users.

    • Embrace openness

    We pride ourselves on our openness and transparency, both internally and externally. Internally, we believe everyone should have the data, tools, and platform to make an argument that goes against the grain. Externally, we're strong evangelists of open protocols. 

    • Foster inclusive collaboration

    At OpenSea, we know we are stronger together. When we come together and bring our different perspectives, skills, and mindset, it sparks magic. 


    In 2017 the world witnessed the birth of CryptoKitties. For the first time, the world experienced a decentralized application built on blockchains but targeted toward a mainstream audience.

    Fascinated by the movement that was forming, Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah joined early adopter communities in Discord and started talking to users. With the OpenSea beta launch in December 2017, the first open marketplace for any non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain was born.

    Today, we’re proud to remain the largest general marketplace for user-owned digital items, supporting multiple blockchains, with the broadest set of categories and the best prices for new emerging digital item classes.

    As a company, we’re thrilled to be at the center of this growing industry and will continue to invest in our core infrastructure as we build the most accessible marketplace for buyers, sellers, and creators.

    core team

    Devin Finzer - Co-Founder & CEO

    Alex Atallah - Co-Founder 

    Brian Roberts - CFO

    Nadav Hollander - CTO


    Not only are we passionate about our work, we enjoy the people we surround ourselves with. At OpenSea, we build trust, embrace feedback, grow rapidly, and love our work.

    Employees are our number-one priority, so we like to care for them!

    • Paid family leave
    • Health insurance
    • Flexible vacation policy
    • Flexible hours
    • Work from home
    • Workshops & conferences
    • Travel & company retreats
    • Game nights
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