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    StarkNet is a permissionless L2 decentralized Validity-Rollup.


    January 2021


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    StarkNet aims to bring scalability and privacy to a blockchain near you.

    current challenges

    Now that many of our usability targets have been achieved, we’re shifting the focus to make this our top priority. It’s all part of our 3-stage roadmap: usability, followed by the network’s performance, and then decentralization. 

    We’ll continue to improve upon past achievements. And in continuing to work on all areas of StarkNet, our ears will always remain open to the whole developer community. 

    culture & values

    We are building StarkNet in steps, starting with establishing usability, then improving performance, and finally, moving on to decentralization.


    The STARK software stack has been live on the Ethereum Mainnet since June 2020. In January 2021 we announced our vision for StarkNet. 

    StarkNet Alpha, supporting general computation and composability, has been on a public testnet since June 2021, and on Mainnet Ethereum since November 2021.

    core team

    Eli Ben-Sasson - Co-Founder & President

    Uri Kolodny - Co-Founder & CEO

    Michael Riabzev - Co-Founder

    Alessandro Chiesa - Co-Founder & Chief Scientist 

    Ariel Elperin - Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher

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