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    TrueFi is the largest collateral-free lending protocol.


    November 2020


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    TrueFi is on a mission to empower people by opening access to financial opportunities.

    current challenges

    TrueFi must advance in four key ways:

    1. Expand the set and types of borrowers
    2. Expand the types of loans
    3. Improve the efficiency of the TrueFi Credit Model
    4. Progressively decentralize, to put more of these decisions into the hands of TRU holders

    culture & values

    • Seek Truth

    We venture forward with curiosity, awareness, and empathy

    • Embody Renaissance Ambition

    We continually strive to become our best selves

    • Make Good Things Easy

    We create habits and systems to help us toward our goals

    • Get Stuff Done

    We move fast and have a bias for action over perfection

    • Slower is Faster

    “Weeks of work can save you hours of planning.” Make sure you don't waste the weeks by planning your journey first.


    Since its launch in November 2020, TrueFi has achieved over $1.1 billion in TVL and over $500 million in loan generation with zero defaults.

    TrueFi V2 went live on February 19th, 2021 included three major protocol changes: an improved TRU staking model; an on-platform service for exiting the lending pool, called liquid exit; and the launch of on-chain governance.

    The V3 protocol, which went live on May 17th, 2021, introduced the TrueFi credit model and the launch of multi-asset support, starting with USDC.

    TrueFi V4 went live on 18th August and launched “SAFU” or Backstop Fund, which aims to further protect lenders against default. V4 also introduced lines of credit functionality and added automatic interest rate pricing for borrowers (a prerequisite to lines of credit).

    core team

    Rafael Cosman - Co-Founder & CEO

    Alex de Lorraine - COO & Sr. Director, Finance

    Tom Shields - Chairman of the Board, Chief Strategy Officer

    Marek Kirejczyk - CTO


    • Make an impact

    We're a lean team that thrives on ownership and empowerment. Your work is seen and felt here every day — in a big way

    • No two days are the same

    As a growing team, we move fast and embrace change. As new challenges emerge, it’s up to you to take ownership and help solve them

    • Build a better financial future

    What we’re doing hasn’t been done before. It’s uncharted territory. We learn new things every day and shape the future of financial technology

    • People are our secret sauce

    We celebrate what makes each of us quirky and unique — and come together as a team. You’ll be pushed to become your best self in, and out, of work

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