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CoW Protocol

    CoW Protocol

    CoW Protocol is a DEX Aggregator which lets people swap assets MEV protected.




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    We envision CoW Protocol becoming the core settlement layer for decentralized trading across Web3.

    current challenges

    CoW Protocol aims to be a fully decentralized protocol, but the reality is that in order to fully be decentralized, there's still a long road to walk through. Currently, the protocol has certain parts that are more decentralized than others, and if we were to decompartmentalize the protocol into pieces, we would have the following:

    Since CoWDAO successfully raised $23M funding, we aim to develop the CoW Protocol ecosystem, hire additional team members, fuel the project’s expansion into new chains where MEV protection is most needed, as well as to amplify the marketing activities of the protocol.


    We have been part of Gnosis since 2017 - one of the first project's building on Ethereum - and are now in the process of gaining our independence. Gnosis Protocol v1 was released by the Gnosis team at the beginning of 2020. Once it gained significant traction in 2021, it started a public spin-off process on the GnosisDAO forum.

    core team

    Anna George - Co-Founder & CPO

    Felix Leupold - Technical Lead

    Christiane Ernst - Ops


    We are an ambitious, fast growing and international team working at the forefront of DeFi. We believe that we can make markets both more efficient and fair, by building the ultimate batch auction settlement layer across EVM compatible blockchains.

    What we can offer you:

    • Regular trips to reunite with the rest of the team
    • Conference budget to keep up to date with the developments of the ecosystem
    • Learning budget to support your higher ambitions

    Impact: you are joining a startup, you can make a huge difference. Your work matters!

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