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ApeX Protocol

    ApeX Protocol

    ApeX is a decentralized and non-custodial derivatives protocol




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    ApeX empowers traders around the world with open and transparent financial tools that can help preserve and grow their wealth. It aims to drive financial inclusion and make crypto-derivatives trading more accessible, so that everyone can own their trades and be part of the exchange.

    current challenges

    Building a world class community that utilises the product and grows to love what we have built out. 

    culture & values

    We're a lean team, ready to learn, adapt, and grow together in finding best processes. 


    ApeX has been founded recently, and has not released own token yet. Once the token is live, tokenholders will be part of the DAO. ApeX has launched own mainnet alpha on Arbitrum so far, and also concluded an NFT sale of OG NFTs. 

    core team

    We're incubated by Davion Labs, which is backed by Bybit, a derivatives exchange. 


    We're a great place to contribute to because we work hard and we build for the space. 

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