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HBAR Foundation

    HBAR Foundation

    The HBAR Foundation is a subsidiary of a ledger firm Hedera Hashgraph




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    The HBAR Foundation’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs to build economies on the Hedera network. We aim to raise awareness, accelerate innovation, and scale adoption of incredible projects – and support the people behind them.

    current challanges

    The HBAR Foundation will achieve this mission by targeting three primary goals:

    • Grow awareness of the HBAR economy
    • Accelerate access to the HBAR economy
    • Increase commerce in the HBAR economy

    Our “product” delivered to achieve these goals is the roll out of incentives to the ecosystem around Hedera. We provide financial, technical, and marketing incentives to projects building in the Hedera platform.


    Founded in 2021, the HBAR Foundation fuels the development of the Hedera ecosystem by providing grants and other resources to developers, startups and organizations that seek to launch decentralized applications in DeFi, NFTs, CBDCs, sustainability, gaming and other sectors.

    core team

    Jason Loh - Co-Founder & Board Member


    The HBAR Foundation leadership team includes experts in technology, business, legal, marketing, and ecosystem development – all focused on the success of your project. Our team members have deep roots in the distributed ledger space, and we are passionate about enabling projects to move from ideation to production – at scale.

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