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    Covalent is a unified API bringing visibility to billions of blockchain data points.




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    Covalent is on a mission to bring true data visibility and transparency that is inherently lacking with blockchain technologies. 

    culture & values

    • First-principles

    Covalent's approach to problem solving leaves no stone unturned and every assumption questioned leading to a novel, unparalleled solution to blockchain data in the industry.

    • Ownership

    We expect every employee to care about the outcomes of their actions and be accountable for their decisions. We sweat the details.

    • Urgency

    We work with intention and purpose to drive decision-making and implement positive changes. We know when to say "no" in order to prioritize.

    • Relentless

    We are obsessed with solving the blockchain data accessibility problem and have been working on the same problem for over four years.

    core team

    Ganesh Swami - Co-Founder & CEO

    Levi Aul - Co-Founder & CTO

    Adrian Jonklaas - CFO

    Jacqueline Kim Perez - Token Marketing

    Erik Ashdown - Ecosystem


    We invest in our biggest asset - our people.

    Some of benefits we offer:

    • an opportunity to work with one of the leading, fastest-growing and technically challenging blockchain companies founded by veterans of the space
    • compensation with salary + tokens included
    • comprehensive vision, dental, physical, mental health and wellness benefits
    • fast paced environment
    • we ship multiple times a day
    • education bonus
    • a yearly $1000 gift card for professional self-development
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