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Akash Network

    Akash Network

    Akash Network is the decentralized and open-source cloud.




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    Akash Network envisions a world where cloud computing is permissionless, sovereign, and open, where builders of the internet have greater freedom to expand the human experience. 

    current challenges

    Today’s cloud infrastructure providers have a real oligopoly, which allows them to charge non-commodity prices for commodity compute, inhibits real competition, and crowds out open-source projects. We think that’s wrong. Wrong for companies and individuals that use cloud compute; wrong for their customers to whom costs are ultimately passed; and wrong for society as a whole because one of its basic building blocks is controlled by three huge companies. 

    • Distribute then decentralize

    While the current cryptocurrency landscape is undeniably fascinating, the real power of blockchain lies in its ability to create a cryptographically-enforced, distributed, and open source of truth. 

    • Transparency

    We are indeed living in interesting times. Technology-driven decentralization will affect the social and political domains in unpredictable ways. Token sale-driven funding models will affect which types of projects become viable and how they grow, again in unpredictable ways. And from a purely technological perspective, blockchain is new and will evolve rapidly and unpredictably, with new capabilities forming a feedback loop with social, political, commercial, and of course regulatory domains.

    culture & values

    • Sovereignty

    Control over our future and our outcomes.

    • Openness

    Open, transparent, and fair to others.

    • Equality

    Equal opportunities for everyone.

    • Empathy

    Seek to understand and connect.


    Akash Network is a developer-centric platform founded by Greg Osuri and Adam Bozanich, who optimized for its users. Greg has helped launch multiple developer companies including Firebase which was acquired by Google in 2014, as well as AngelHack, the world’s largest developer ecosystem.  

    Akash Network’s Whitepaper Version 1 was released in December 2017, and development started in January of 2018. Version 2 of the Whitepaper was released in March 2018, and in August 2018 Version 3 of the Whitepaper was released followed by a mainnet launched on September 25, 2020. Akash Network launched mainnet 2 on March 8, 2021, on the Cosmos SDK. Main features of the mainnet 2 include, a decentralized cloud compute marketplace, flexible bid pricing, Inter-blockchain communication (IBC) compatibility, deployment tools, and audited attributes.  

    core team

    Greg Osuri - CEO

    Adam Bozanich - CTO

    Boz Menzalji - COO

    Cheng Wang - CFO


    • Solve big problems

    Impact the future of the Internet, and solve problems that have never been solved before

    • Growth opportunities

    Achieve your development goals faster with personalized growth opportunities

    • Work anywhere

    Manage your own work location, and your own time

    • Real unlimited time off

    Relax and recharge when you need to, for real

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