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    Algorand is a blockchain cryptocurrency protocol based on proof of stake and a Byzantine agreement protocol.




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    A world where everyone creates and exchanges value efficiently, transparently, and securely.

    • Global trust through decentralization
    • Simple designs that drive adoption by billions of people
    • Elegant technology that eliminates barriers to prosperity for all

    current challenges

    Algorand is enabling the simple creation of next generation financial products, protocols and exchange of value across defi, financial institutions and governments.

    • Demonstrating Decentralization and Scalability

    We’ve intentionally set a high standard for performance testing scenarios to build confidence in its scalability and real-world relevance when the platform goes live.

    • Latency and Transaction Finality for a New Era of Blockchain

    The latency of transactions in Algorand is another important measure of the performance of the platform. At just under five seconds per block, transactions clear quickly, and participants don’t have to wait to know that their transaction has been permanently added to the blockchain. 

    • Community Approved Security

    Security is a key pillar of any blockchain platform. At Algorand, we take the security of our platform very seriously. Algorand maintains security against attacks at both the consensus protocol level and the network level — all while protecting individual users’ accounts.

    culture & values

    • Think Beyond

    We believe in harnessing the power of the organization to go beyond the day-to-day so we can focus on the next big idea.

    • Be Courageous

    We take an optimistic and pragmatic approach to addressing challenges, and support each other in doing the same. 

    • Solve Creatively

    We ask every Algonaut to open their mind to new possibilities, with a focus on finding novel solutions to complex problems. 

    • Succeed Together

    We follow through on our commitments and make sure others do the same. By building trusting relationships, we promote fairness, transparency, and authenticity.


    Algorand, Inc. is a technology company founded by cryptography pioneer, Turing award winner and MIT professor, Silvio Micali. He designed the Algorand platform with an internationally recognized team of researchers, mathematicians, cryptographers, and economists—from first principles—to guarantee true decentralization, scale and security.

    The Algorand test network was launched to the public in April 2019, and the main network was launched in June 2019.

    core team

    Silvio Micali - Founder

    Steve Kokinos - CEO

    W. Sean Ford - COO

    Keli Callaghan - Head of Marketing

    Regina O’Brien - Head of People & Talent


    Our United States-based Algonauts have 99.99% of their benefits premiums paid for by the company - they pay just ~ $1 per year per plan. We offer national medical (BCBS-MA), dental (Delta), and vision (VSP) plans for our Algonauts and their dependents. We cover all in-network deductibles, and our copays remain low. Our International Algonauts receive access to supplemental plans to round out their local or national programs.

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