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    Magic is a developer SDK to enable passwordless authentication using magic links




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    To safeguard the trust between users and digital services by establishing secure and authentic digital identity.

    current challenges

    Managing user identity and protecting the authentication and authorization processes are serious responsibilities. Mistakes can lead to unauthorized access and even financial loss from compromised user privacy or identity. Managing all of this, performing penetration tests and audits, and staying on top of the security trends are huge endeavors and may require full-sized security teams to execute correctly. In the age of ever-increasing cybersecurity threats, most software companies do not want this high level of responsibility and liability.

    We believe something has to be done about this and created Magic to address many of these underlying security challenges in the world of identity and package them in an extremely accessible product for both developers and users.

    culture & values

    We believe innovation and collaboration start with strong shared values:

    • Authenticity

    We bring our full selves to work each day, communicate honestly, and celebrate what makes us unique.

    • Customer Empathy

    Everything we do is in service of making life easier, more delightful, and more secure for our customers.

    • Teamwork

    We promote proactive communication and open feedback, solving problems and celebrating wins as a team.

    • Growth Mindset

    We believe in the importance of embracing failure, learning from mistakes, and iterating quickly.

    • Craftsmanship

    We hold ourselves to a high standard, continuously improving in order to achieve mastery in our given fields.


    Magic’s plug and play authentication tools were launched to Product Hunt in April, 2020, and since then the company’s team has expanded from “a few people in a San Francisco loft” to a team of 30 or more all-remote workers around the world.

    core team

    Sean Li - Co-Founder & CEO

    Arthur Jen - Co-Founder & CTO

    Lars Anders - Chief of Staff

    Najah Zaki - Head of People

    Ben Draffin - Security Lead


    We do everything we can to provide Magicians with the tools, coverage, and policies necessary for professional success and personal well-being.

    • 100% remote team
    • Flexible hours, unlimited vacation
    • Full Health, Dental, & Vision coverage
    • Top-of-the-line equipment
    • Professional growth & home office stipends
    • 401k Program
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