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    Jigstack DAO is the first decentralized Ethereum-based DAO with a consolidated structure




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    To bring back wholeness, simplicity, and understanding of DeFi to users.

    current challenges

    The Jigstack protocol aims to do develop a suite of productive flagship DeFi products that are all governed under a single DAO.

    We want people to think simple, multi-purpose, and powerful when they hear Jigstack. We plan on building, partnering with, and white-labeling a variety of DeFi products and services allowing ease of access through a single portal to the DeFi ecosystem for our user base. This will be done by ensuring each new product under the Jigstack DAO umbrella is created with caterance to simplicity for user experience.

    Jigstack aims to be the “One Stop Shop” for everything DeFi, and on top of that, it will offer a consistent and intuitive interface and experience for all users. We want grandma to be able to participate in and enjoy the DeFi experience. The Jigstack platform will create the cryptocurrency safe-space allowing users to easily understand each product and how to interact with it, thus gaining exposure to the DeFi ecosystem in a safe and effective manner.

    culture & values

    Jigstack is a Team Player

    There are many interoperability benefits to working as a team rather than competitors in the DeFi ecosystem. Some examples could be increased exposure to new token listings, gaining access to instant lending markets, and highly reducing platform fees. Jigstack has already shown how being a team player can benefit everyone through its unique partnership agreements.

    core team

    Robert Weir - COO

    Aidan Leonard - CTO

    Kaue Cano - Lead ETH Developer

    Charles Robinson - CBDO

    Dilara Mataraci - 

    Director of Product Dev

    Filippo Balsano - Marketing Manager


    Jigstack DAO will be built for the community, but it will also be built by the community, allowing all stakeholders to have a true democratic say in the future functionality and operations of the DAO. Many projects slowly ease into their DAOs, but with the Jigstack DAO, our community will be fully involved right from the start. Our users will have an impactful role immediately, with our core contributors easing out of power.

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