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Hack Boston: Boston Blockchain Week Hackathon
Hack Boston: Boston Blockchain Week Hackathon
offline hackathon by ➞ EasyA

Hack Boston: Boston Blockchain Week Hackathon is over

join the world's biggest student blockchain conference



start date

23 Sep ‘22

end date

25 Sep ‘22


Boston, MA, USA

about the event

Hack Boston is a 36 hour event from EasyA x Reach with guidance from engineers at Reach, top speakers, and one-to-one mentorship.

The official hackathon for Boston Blockchain Week 2022, Hack Boston is a 36 hour event from EasyA x Reach with in-person guidance from the top engineers at Reach, leading speakers from around the world, and one-to-one mentorship.

Event co-hosted by the Harvard Blockchain Club. Other universities in attendance include: MIT, Princeton, Yale, Brown, BU, Northeastern, Columbia and Cornell. We encourage any other universities to attend!


🎤 Live panels - from the founders actually building in Web3, ask away and learn information before anyone else.

🛠 Workshops - if you’ve never used blockchain before, the best instructors in the world are here to help.

💻 Competition - 36 hours to build a project that solves a problem, then present on Demo Day.

💰 Prize Money - over $100,000 in prizes that will go out to the best projects.

💼 Job opportunities - Web3 recruiters and VCs will be at the event, so don’t miss out on your next big opportunity!

🏫 Venue - good wifi, comfortable workstations, all day food as well as lounges to relax.

The 36-hour hackathon will kick off on 23rd September, right after Boston Blockchain Week. We've created an environment for builders to be supported and reach new heights.

We invite buidlers of any level to join us in this movement.

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