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Web3 Tech Summit'22
Web3 Tech Summit'22
online meetup by ➞ geekle

Web3 Tech Summit'22 is over

start building on the web3 using your current stack today


free (for beginners), $99 (for pros)

start date

20 Sep ‘22

end date

21 Sep ‘22

about the event

For builders by builders. Ideal for Web3 builders in Rust, Solidity, JavaScript etc


  1. Hardhat, Truffle, Brownie - discover Web3 development environments for Javascript and Python
  2. Scalability of blockchain with Layer 2.0
  3. NEAR - Layer 1 using Rust or Assemblyscript for smartcontracts
  4. Сreation and development of frontend components for WEB3: Ether.js and Web3.js, oo7.js, Alchemy Web3
  5. Solana - Layer 1 using Rust C, C++ for smartcontracts
  6. Testing for blockchain
  7. Cross-chain bridges - challenges of moving cross-chain
  8. Ethereum scaling solutions: Polygon, Arbitrum, Immutable X
  9. Safety audit of smart contracts
  10. Tokenomics - How to design token models that help to grow network


beginner track:

  • Vincent Tiu (Infura): "From Layer 0 to Layer 3: the Evolution of Blockchain"
  • Leilani Ledingham (Covalent): "Careers in Web3"
  • Vijay Pratap Singh (Delivery Hero): "Introduction to Ethereum and Solidity"

pro track:

  • Gautam Botrel (Consensys): "gnark: [fast] zkSNARKs in Go"
  • Alexandru Lupascu (Omnia): "Ensuring privacy and security in Web3"
  • Neil Ruaro (Certik): "Developing your first Blockchain with Cosmos"
  • Vincent Tiu (Infura): "How to start careers in web 3"
  • Alexey Churkin (deBridge): "Building secure and decentralized cross-chain applications"
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