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start date

12 Sep ‘22

end date

14 Sep ‘22


Berlin, Germany

about the event

Developer Conference for Ethereum Infrastructure and Dapps.

Organized by developers for developers.

Dappcon provides the opportunity for co-creating the future of dapps while engaging the community in open critical discussions and experiential learning.

This year's edition will focus on Ethereum core development, Universal Basic Income and of course Dapps.

agenda and speakers

  • Zaki Manian (Sommelier) // How DeFi Goes Mainstream: Bridging the Gap Between Degens and Regulators
  • Jan-Felix Schwarz (Gnosis Guild) // Building DAOs
  • Julien Genestoux (Unlock Protocol) // How NFTs can restore digital ownership for humanity
  • Fredrik Haga (Dune) // The Revolution Will Not Be Reported Quarterly
  • Julio Santos (Fractal) // Identity for web3: privacy-preserving transaction authorization
  • Hilmar Orth (Gelato) // Smart Contract Automation triggered by off-chain computation, and others (see all the speakers)
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