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DN22 Polkadot Hybrid Hackathon
DN22 Polkadot Hybrid Hackathon
online hackathon by ➞ Data Natives

DN22 Polkadot Hybrid Hackathon is over

Call out to all Polkadot aficionados! 3-week Hybrid Hackathon part of the DN22 Conference!



start date

08 Aug ‘22

end date

29 Aug ‘22

about the event

Call out to all Polkadot Aficionados!

Astar Network & KILT Protocol will implement a series of web2-friendly & data-focused challenges, offering +25K€ in prizes

DN22 Hackathon Challenges:

  • PSP34 NFT Minting Site
  • On-chain Identity Scoring System for EVM
  • Shiden OG NFT using RMRK
  • DeFi Dashboard for Astar Network
  • Token Bridge Contract Between WASM and EVM
  • Event Mobile Wallet for KILT Protocol

how it works

The DN22 Hybrid Polkadot Hackathon will kick off on Monday, August 8, and will run for 3 weeks with a series of online mentorship sessions and workshops. 

We’re celebrating the end of the Hackathon with a networking weekend from August 26 to 28 at Mindspace Krausenstraße (Berlin).

The Hackathon culminates with Demo Day taking place within the DN22 Conference on September 2. 

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