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MET AMS is over

meet the metaverse and the technology you’ve been reading about in real life



start date

14 Jun ‘22

end date

17 Jun ‘22



about the event

MET AMS is Europe's leading metaverse festival in Amsterdam in June 2022. The 4-day festival is the first of its kind and will include keynotes, panels, talks, workshops, and immersive experiences and installations from 100+ thought leaders, artists, and brands shaping this space.

The event will explore different aspects of metaverse culture, from how NFTs and the metaverse impact every industry - from art and music to fashion and gaming - and cover essential topics like diversity, inclusion, and sustainability.

The festival will bring to life the metaverse and the technology you’ve been reading about, making this one of the most immersive conferences.


We believe real-life connections are as crucial as virtual ones. MET AMS has an action-packed 4-day program that spans day and night - centered around education, experiences, and interaction.

The program is subject to minor changes. More side events and other exciting updates will be announced in the coming weeks. Some of the side-events to attend:

  • Inclusive by design: the metaverse that could be
  • Borderless Revolution: how web3 is creating new opportunities around the world
  • Digital assets as a viable investment
  • Web3 and democratising the future of the music industry
  • Community building done right: meaningful connections at scale
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