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NFT Summit Istanbul 2022
NFT Summit Istanbul 2022
offline conference by ➞ Meta Venture Fund

NFT Summit Istanbul 2022 is over

discover how continents connect, experts, technology developers and digital artists come together



start date

28 May ‘22

end date

29 May ‘22



about the event

With Web3 technologies, the world is changing. NFT is now the determinant of the agenda and trend. Connecting to the future is a necessity these days, when the future is being shaped. In Istanbul, where the world's center and continents connect, experts, technology developers and digital artists come together.

Why you should Join Event

  • World Class Speakers
  • Modern Venue
  • Networking
  • NFT Artists Area
  • Project Launch Area
  • The Program
  • The People

agenda & speakers

Comprehensive agenda is to be announced soon.

Some topics to discover:

  • Taylan Yıldız - Participative Democracy 3.0: "DAO structured new communication, new homo sapiens"
  • Ty Blackard - The Future of NFT Utility
  • Elçin Karatay - Regulation Eats Innovation For Breakfast
  • Ori Levi - The function of a multi-chain NFT marketplace and the current and future utility of NFTs
  • Simona Fontana - How SMEs could benefit from the adoption of NFTs
  • Omar Kandil - How Businesses Can Benefit from the Web 3.0 Technology
  • Lalin Akalan - Art-Chain-Game: Collective Creation on the Blockchain
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