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online hackathon by ➞ ETHGlobal

HackFS is over

apply to bring a decentralized filesystem to the decentralized web



start date

08 Jul ‘22

end date

27 Aug ‘22

about the event

The future is web3: a digital world that is censorship-resistant, decentralized, and trustless. A web where users control their own data and identity.

HackFS is an ETHGlobal hackathon focused on building the foundation for that world. We've partnered with Protocol Labs - the organization building Filecoin and IPFS - to run an event centered on dapps, web3, decentralized storage, and everything in between.

We're also working with partners across the Ethereum and Filecoin ecosystems to ensure that hackers have a wide variety of composable technologies to use to build their hacks.

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