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offline hackathon by ➞ Paralelni Polis

ETHPrague is over

Ethereum Hackathon in Prague where Cypherpunks meet Solarpunk



start date

10 Jun ‘22

end date

12 Jun ‘22



about the event

ETHPrague isn’t looking for the next get rich quick scheme or groundbreaking DeFi apps, instead, it’s an event focusing on the future potential of Ethereum and concepts or applications which don’t yet exist. We want to tackle challenges that will or might arise in the next decade and we believe Ethereum will play a major role in solving these. The future is in your hands, anon! You decide whether we end up living in a dark authoritarian dystopia or a bright solarpunk utopia.


The event is primarily a hackathon BUT since the venue enables us to also host talks, we would be crazy not to have those!

Not only there are going to be various types of workspaces available, but also there is going to be:

  • 1 track of informative Solarpunk related and technical talks
  • 1 track of hands-on workshops
  • 1 track of panels & fire-side chats

mentors & judges


  • Josef Je - PWN
  • Mario Havel - Ethereum Foundation


  • Afri Schoedon - ChainSafe Systems
  • Anett Rolikova - Ethereum Magicians
  • David Mihal
  • Lili Feyerabend
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