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DeFiCon is over

DeFiCon is bringing together DeFi builders and users for gatherings that benefit Philanthropic Causes



start date

11 Aug ‘22

end date

12 Aug ‘22


Brooklyn, NYC

about the event

DeFiCon is a nonprofit conference with a mission to elevate the ethos of peer-to-peer crypto.

As a nonprofit conference, the focus shifts from maximizing profit to maximizing the experience for the attendees. We will donate all proceeds above the event’s cost to charity while unifying the crypto community under one house. The goal is to ensure the value is found at our event and to inspire both new participants and people already familiar with DeFi.

Join DeFiCon’s ecosystem event to hear from top protocols, investors, activists, creatives, builders, and more in August.


Agenda for the event is to be confirmed later.

Some of the speakers:

  • Stani Kulechov - CEO & Founder - AAVE
  • Alex Machinsky - CEO & Founder - Celsius
  • Denis Lam - CEO & Founder - Vera
  • Wartull - Community Lead - Olympus
  • Jay Kurahashi-Sofue - VP of Marketing - Avalanche
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